Курс чудес

Всё, что ты делаешь, ты делаешь себе. (Курс чудес)

Видео диски

На английском языке выпущено несколько DVD дисков, которые можно заказать в интернете. Вот некоторые из них.

The Story of A Course in Miracles - DVD

A remarkable 2 1/4-hour documentary film. Part One, "The Forgotten
Song" (also available separately below) is the inspiring story of how
the Course came to be. It features Dr. William Thetford, and spans a
70-year period in the life of Dr. Helen Schucman, "scribe" of the
Course. The second half of the film, "The Song Remembered", contains
first-hand accounts of various psychologists, businesspeople,
educators, physicians, prison inmates, and others who relate how the
Course has affected their lives.

A Rare Interview with Dr. Helen Schucman - DVD 

A rare interview in which Dr. Helen Schucman, "Scribe" of A Course in
Miracles discusses the Inner Voice responsible for the dictation. This
DVD also includes the transcript of her words.

Recollections about Dr. Helen Schucman - DVD

In this just released new DVD, Dr. William Thetford, Dr. Kenneth
Wapnick and Judith Skutch Whitson discuss their personal memories of
Dr. Helen Schucman, "Scribe" of A Course in Miracles. This film was
produced in 1987 by Bridget Winter during the period that she made "The
Story of A Course in Miracles" and is the only time these three people
shared their views of Helen in such a format.  

The Cave Vision - DVD

Dr. Helen Schucman, "Scribe" of A Course in Miracles narrates an inner
experience which preceded the scribing of the Course. This DVD contains
a recreation of "The Vision of the Cave" (portrayed on film by Bridget
Winter) in "The Story of A Course in Miracles" along with Helen's Voice
recounting the vision and a transcript of this segment.